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Word From The President

Josa - headshotThe more skills you master, the better you become at your craft. Great craft equals great acting. Great acting will get you work, whatever work you put in improves the product you put out, and you are willing to put in the work necessary to become a master of your craft.

Not everyone takes acting classes with the intention of becoming an actor; not everyone taking acting classes will become an actor.  What is important and sometimes life-changing is the journey an actor takes. The Staff and I has taken over 5000 students on that journey. Many of our actors are committed to the craft, taking every opportunity to develop and hone their skills.  Others simply enjoy the artistic outlet, taking advantage of the variety of classes we have to offer both theatre and film enthusiasts.  Younger students develop life skills, learning how to use art as a way to overcome shyness or fear.  Our children’s and teen classes may begin with groups of timid students, but after several weeks, those same students emerge as confident, articulate individuals who have learned to think creatively and independently as they move forward in all their pursuits.

Welcome to the MSOPA experience!!!

Josa Maule

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