Welcome to M.S.O.P.A.

The world needs great actors! Since the dawn of time we have looked to our artists to teach us and inspire us, to move us and yes, to make us laugh. What a great job! What an awesome responsibility! ¬†Josa Maule and teaching staff have over 24 years experience, that is why M.S.O.P.A takes the training of this generation’s actors so seriously.

To do this job well, you need a craft that will allow you to be truthful, emotionally alive, and full of your own opinions and the courage to express them. Because the world needs great actors and you could be one of them.

M.S.O.P.A offers serious training in a safe, fun and challenging environment whether you are a carpenter, a basketball player, or a computer programmer; you know that the more skills you have, the more likely you are to get a good job. It’s the same with acting. The more skills you master, the better you become at your craft. Great craft equals great acting. Great acting will get you work. If you understand that whatever work you put in improves the product you put out, and you are willing to put in the work necessary to become a master of your craft.

Our dedication to the arts and to our students has earned us the respect and recognition in the acting industry. In an industry where there are no guarantees, we educate our actors to be realistic and learn the business by providing networking opportunities.

We welcome you to M.S.O.P.A.

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