Can I visit MSOPA and see what it's like?

We encourage you to come visit us! Download our schedule and see when our latest theatre production is going up. Or you can ask about our Free Trial Classes, offered during our Bi-Annual Open House.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate and contact us

I fear that I may not be able to afford to begin my career in acting

Never fear!  One of the reasons we are so successful is because we make beginning your career affordable and easy.  Contact us to get all the latest information about course costs.

Will I get an agent and work in the entertainment industry because of MSOPA?

In this business, there are no guarantees and we do not promise our actors work.  all MSOPA students are welcome to audition for our productions.  MSOPA provides our actors with the resources necessary to begin building their own careers, and we offer what assistance we can.

Is MSOPA recognized in the film industry?

Over the years, MSOPA has remained an instrumental part of the growing Montreal film industry.  MSOPA Casting has provided directors and producers with all their casting needs.  We’ve cast for local producers and directors, for big budget American and international productions, and for low budget and independent films.  From lead roles to background actors, MSOPA Casting is able to provide professional, quality actors.

Do I graduate with a diploma from MSOPA?

No, we do not offer a program that leads to a diploma.  At MSOPA, we believe that an actor’s training never ends.  With each class, new discoveries are made, new techniques are learned, and more skills are acquired.  We encourage our students to continue their training in order to remain competitive in the business.

Can MSOPA make me a star?

No, we make actors, not stars.  Hard work, dedication, drive and passion make a star!

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