Welcome to M.S.O.P.A.


MSOPA has been very mindful since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 of making our workshops accessible, affordable and maintaining a safe online environment and we will continue to offer online workshops as we celebrate our 30 years of operation. Please note that starting in 2022, we will go HYBRID, workshops online , in person, half on line and half in person.


MSOPA Keeping you motivated, Challenged, inspired, and keeping you safe ONLINE



One of Montreal’s leading acting school, serving the acting community for over 29 years – Offering serious training in a fun, challenging and safe environment. We focus on technique and development while also exposing you to the business of acting by providing networking and working opportunities in the industry. We are excited to continue guiding, mentoring and inspiring actors. Creativity with an open mind allows you to shine!

The world needs great actors! Since the dawn of time we have looked to our artists to teach us and inspire us, to move us and yes, to make us laugh. What a great job! What an awesome responsibility! 

To do this job well, you need a craft that will allow you to be truthful, emotionally alive, and full of your own opinions and the courage to express them. Because the world needs great actors and you could be one of them.


We welcome you to M.S.O.P.A.

The School that Josa Built

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