Welcome to M.S.O.P.A.

MSOPA offers (3) three options for taking workshops:


MSOPA Celebrates 30 years, over three decades we built and foster a sense of community. We encourage people to find their voice within a safe and nurturing space where they can explore and realize their potential.  No student is too young or too old, every student who have participated in our workshops are considered a member of our organization for life.

Montreal’s leading acting school – Offering serious training in a fun, challenging and safe environment. We focus on technique and development while,  exposing you to the business of acting, providing networking and working opportunities in the industry. We are excited to continue guiding, mentoring and inspiring actors.

Start with a strong foundation, add the tools that are needed, build as you grow, let passion be your guide to give you strength to persevere, be patient, and true. Be the best you. 

We welcome you to M.S.O.P.A.


The School that Josa Built


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