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The more skills you master, the better you become at your craft. Great craft equals great acting. Great acting will get you work, whatever work you put in improves the product you put out, and you are willing to put in the work necessary to become a master of your craft. Not everyone takes acting

09 Nov 2013


ACTING EXERCISE WITH SUSAN BAIN Getting back and staying in ACTING SHAPE THIS 4 WEEK WORKSHOP WILL KEEP YOU AND GET YOU BACK INTO ACTING SHAPE Improvisation, Theatre Game, Movement and Having Fun!!! FRIDAYS NOV 17-DEC 08@ 7-930 COST: 170.00 JUST SCENES With Casting Director Josa Maule This class helps actors brush up on their craft

07 Nov 2017

Maclean’s article on Josa Maule

‘I never tell someone they don’t have talent’

10 Jul 2016
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