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The more skills you master, the better you become at your craft. Great craft equals great acting. Great acting will get you work, whatever work you put in improves the product you put out, and you are willing to put in the work necessary to become a master of your craft. Not everyone takes acting

09 Nov 2013


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02 Sep 2019

Sept – Dec Schedule

    FOUNDATION I Р7 weeks Р20 hrs. Cost: $350 Great for beginners or actors who are looking to explore different approaches to acting and honing their skills. 7 weeks Р20 hrs (last class 2 hrs with showcase) Cost: 350 Thursdays  Oct 17-Nov 28 @ 7-10 pm Location: 1090 Greene Ave or

20 Aug 2019


JOSA MAULE CASTING ECI Investor Marketing associated with a YouTube marketing media company are casting a host or hostess for two new YouTube shows which will deliver news and commentary about gaming and casinos. Casting Breakdown: Anglophone HOST/HOSTESS: Male or Female, age range 28-35, dynamic personality, comfortable in front of the camera. A person with

08 Feb 2018


YOUNG ACTORS WORKSHOPS A friendly, supportive atmosphere! Where students are encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves, developing their acting skills and confidence through improvisation, character creation, text work and lots of fun acting games and exercises!! Students leave this workshop with an increased sense of self-esteem and confidence, as well as a growing love

06 Dec 2017

Maclean’s article on Josa Maule

10 Jul 2016
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