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MSOPA students, in order to be consider for our upcoming projects please send us a recent or updated pictures and C.V’s moc.l1566288068iamg@1566288068gnits1566288068acapo1566288068sm.tn1566288068atsis1566288068sa1566288068

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Bound for a Tomorrow

Production – HouseOfAnubis Production
Non union
Director Pride Barrow
Casting Josa Maule / MSOPA Casting
Casting director Josa Maule
Casting assistant Natalie Darbyson
Audition location 2741 Notre Dame West
Shooting locations Montreal and surrounding areas

Tel:(514) 483-5526

Deadline for submissions Thursday June 27, 2019 6 pm
Auditions Tuesday July 2, 2019 to Tuesday July 2, 2019 self -tapes are welcomed
Call backs Tuesday July 9, 2019
Shooting starts Monday August 19, 2019 Estimated shooting dates
Shooting finishes Monday September 16, 2019
Rate and union NON UNION 125.00 per day
Story line: an Innocent young boy bound with life’s struggles fights to become a king in a harsh and unforgiving world.
Comments We are looking for NON UNION actors with the ability to be very real, raw and honest in their performances. *****************ACTORS SUBMITTING OUTSIDE OF MONTREAL MUST BE WILLING TO WORK AS LOCAL*****************
(Lead)   YOUNG MIKE  Male  17 – 22
MIKE (17 years old, Black) An honor student who, one day, after a brief altercation with his landlord, decides to make a man’s decision. Very close to his mother.  [2]

(Lead)   YOUNG JACK  Male  25 – 30
JACK (25s-30s, bi-racial or Latino) Relates to Mike when he was his age. He is Feared and respected in the neighbourhood.  [1]

(Lead)   OLDER JACK  Male  45 – 60
OLD JACK (45+, bi-racial or Latino) Refer- to younger Jack Older man from the block. Well-dressed, has a calm and calculated demeanor with a menacing appearance.  [1]

(Large Principal)   Child Mike  Male  8 – 11
YOUNG MIKE (Male, 10 years old, Black) Very shy and innocent. He barely talks, struggling with anxiety, Very close to his mother.  [1]

(Large Principal)   MOTHER  Female  26 – 40
MIKE’S MOTHER (Female, 30s-50s, Black) Single mother, Strong independent, for the sake of her son, she refuses to bring the streets in her home.  [1]

(Principal)   Landlord  Male  40 – 60
LANDLORD (Male, 40+, open ethnicity) Very sleazy, he tries to convince Mike’s mother to pay her rent in “other” ways and tries to force himself on her.  [1]

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