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MSOPA students, in order to be consider for our upcoming projects please send us a recent or updated pictures and C.V’s moc.l1539918368iamg@1539918368gnits1539918368acapo1539918368sm.tn1539918368atsis1539918368sa1539918368  

Blue Tongues
Film & Blues Productions
Non union
Feature Film
Executive producer Canwood Entertainment
Director Youcef Beghdadi
Writer Youcef Beghdadi, Elizabeth Prescott & A. Aramouni
Casting Josa Maule Casting (MSOPA)
Submission : Casting Workbook or

Deadline for submissions Friday October 12, 2018 6 pm
Auditions Wednesday October 17, 2018 to Thursday October 18, 2018
Call backs Tuesday October 23, 2018
Shooting starts Monday November 5, 2018
Shooting finishes Saturday December 8, 2018
Rate and union NON UNION $100 PER DAY
Storyline The heart of the story lies with our female protagonist, Sabrina, who becomes troubled when she finds an old picture of herself and realizes how disconnected she is to that happy little girl. Seeing the image pushes her to question her values and who she has become – where has that happiness gone? She doesn’t feel like she’s growing up, but rather that she is simply aging. This instance encapsulates an important coming-of-age moment for Sabrina. She goes to the party hoping to ease her disillusionment about growing up. Coming-of-age stories often focus on characters overcoming an obstacle at a youthful age, but Blue Tongues is a coming-of-age story in which our characters express their dissatisfaction and disillusionment with what it means to become an adult in today’s world. They hope, as they party together, to find answers…or at least a good lay
Comments We are looking for NON UNION actors with the ability to be very real, raw and honest in their performances. Think documentary style. PLEASE ADVISE ACTORS TO BRING PICTURE AND RESUME TO THE AUDITION
(Lead)   Sabrina  Female  18 – 25
Sabrina [ETHNICITY: ANY] is an Anthropology student that works part time as a cashier in a supermarket. She enjoys hip hop music and her favorite TV shows is Dawson’s Creek. She is very comfortable socially and curious by nature. She values friendship above all but has a very hard time opening to her friends. Her favorite food is: breakfast. She would eat breakfast anytime of the day if she could.  [13 DAYS SHOOTING]
(Lead)   Liz  Female  23 – 30
Liz [ETHNICITY: WHITE] is a larger than life kind of person. Very confident on the outside, she would never hide what she thinks and would make sure to let you know personally. Her appearance can be seen as flashy or douchey, but to her it’s a weapon. She is in her first year of university and is studying Computer Science. She works part time as a cashier at a grocery store. She loves Big Sean`s song “I don’t F*#% with you” and her favorite food is sushi.  [13 DAYS SHOOTING]
(Lead)   Anthony  Male  19 – 27
Anthony [ETHNICITY: ANY] Laid back and has that old soul kind of personality to him: Anthony is above all a free spirit. Musician with an album out, he hasn’t played live since he recently broke up with his longtime girlfriend. He started working part time at a retail and he hates it.  [8 DAYS SHOOTING ]
(Supporting)   Manu  Male  19 – 25
Manu [ETHNICITY:BLACK OR ASIAN] is an overly sweet guy. He comes from an upper middle-class family and is a student. He currently works part time at a retail store because his parents want him to learn work ethics and the value of money. Manu takes his job very seriously because he knows that it’s the right thing to do. Doing the right thing is very important to him. He is overweight but doesn’t see it as an issue when it comes to dating. Because to him people are not really that shallow, right? He’s not a virgin but only had 1 boyfriend in the past. He’s single now but is still friends with his ex.  [6 DAYS SHOOTING]
(Supporting)   Romona  Female  18 – 25
RAMONA[ETHNICITY: BLACK] Romantic, outspoken and self-aware. Ramona is the kind of girl that would go out to meet her prince charming at the club: even if she doesn’t show it and tries to act cool. Very mature for her age and working hard to climb the corporate ladder at her job: she is very ambitious and independent financially. She owns 2 cats. Her favorite show is Gilmore Girls and her favorite song is Nelly’s “Dilemma”.  [9 DAYS SHOOTING]
(Supporting)   Phil  Male  19 – 27
PHIL [ETHNICITY: BLACK] Very logical guy and never likes to lose. Phil has a vocal opinion on everything. And if you don’t agree with it, he’ll breakdown his point of view until you at least agree that he’s making a good point. He’s studying Economics at University. He decided not to work to focus fully to his studies. He’s instead using his student loan to get by because to him that’s the smart thing to do. When it comes to dating, it`s all about quality over quantity. Even though he has lots of experience and has no problem finding a date, he’d rather be alone then being preoccupied and chasing girls.  [7 DAYS SHOOTING]
(Supporting)   Lucas  Male  18 – 25
LUCAS [ETHNICITY: WHITE] Blonde, muscular and very good looking. Doesn’t talk a lot. Loves hockey but never watches it with people around, it’s more a religious moment for him rather than a hangout opportunity. He’s slept with a lot of women. Not because he’s trying to prove anything to himself or others: it was just there, and he’s a guy that never says no to an opportunity with a woman. Any women.  [5 DAYS SHOOTING ]
(Supporting)   Seth  Male  18 – 25
SETH [ETHNICITY: ANY] Nerdy. Seth’s idea for a good time is hanging it out with his best friend Bosco and play videos games. But as he’s getting older, he knows that he has to go out and enter the dating scene. He is ready to do it but is very nervous about it. He’s favorite show is Seinfeld and he loves the Harry Potter book series.  [8 DAYS SHOOTING]
(Large Principal)   Dandan  Male  20 – 28
DANDAN [ETHNICITY: ANY] Stoner. Loves old tv shows. Second guesses himself a lot.



Have you been told you look like a celebrity?   Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Matt Damion, George Clooney, Kevin Hart, etc.…MSOPA is currently working on a project looking to cast Celebrity look-A-likes

Please send you picture to moc.l1539918368iamg@1539918368gnits1539918368acapo1539918368sm.tn1539918368atsis1539918368sa1539918368 Deadline Aug 31st 2018 

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