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MSOPA students, in order to be consider for our upcoming projects please send us a recent or updated pictures and C.V’s moc.l1542729562iamg@1542729562gnits1542729562acapo1542729562sm.tn1542729562atsis1542729562sa1542729562  

Project description

The 4D experience consists of a guided tour of the city where the viewer is completely immersed in the Palava universe, using virtual reality, a soundtrack, mists and rain effects. an odor machine as well as moving seats. Four senses are highly stimulated during this experience: sight, hearing, smell and touch.

We are looking for

We are looking for a narrator whose voice represents a male character 35-40 years old, young father and enthusiastic professional who lives in Palava where life is good. (EAST INDIAN/ BRITISH ACCENT)

Text for the audition:

1 – Welcome to Palava. See on your left, this is the waterfront.  We’re now on the river that goes right through the centre of Palava. Imagine, this waterfront combined with the promenade in Casa Rio will be longer than Mumbai’s Marine drive! This is how Palava is shaping up. I, along with thousands of people am already enjoying this new way of living surrounded by nature. Let’s get off the boat so I can show you why I decided to make Palava my home.


 2 – You can Work, live, learn and play here. The buildings on your right are in the business district. In front, you see Lodha World School, the Shri Ram Universal School and the Olympic sports complex, all within walking distance.

SEND VOICE OVER AUDITION :  moc1542729562.liam1542729562g@gni1542729562tsaca1542729562posm.1542729562tnats1542729562issa1542729562



Have you been told you look like a celebrity?   Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Beyoncé, Matt Damion, George Clooney, Kevin Hart, etc.…MSOPA is currently working on a project looking to cast Celebrity look-A-likes

Please send you picture to moc.l1542729562iamg@1542729562gnits1542729562acapo1542729562sm.tn1542729562atsis1542729562sa1542729562

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