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Afternoon Workshops

MSOPA will be offering Afternoon workshop at a different location

FOUNDATION I – 7 weeks (20 hrs)  Cost: $350

Wednesdays Oct 31- Dec 12@11 am – 2 pm

Great for beginners or actors who are looking to explore different a

approaches to acting and honing their skills.


JUST SCENES – 4 weeks (8 hrs.) Cost: 150.00

with Casting Director Josa Maule

Tuesdays Oct 09 – Oct 30 @12 – 2 pm

This class is perfect for the actors who want to refine their auditioning skills, stay focus or revisit the craft.


 Auditions on Camera – 4 weeks (12 hrs.) Cost: 230.00

with Casting Director Josa Maule & Guest Directors

Thursdays  Nov 08 – Nov 29 @11 am – 2 pm

Do you want to increase your skill at auditioning? Do you have the passion, skills and drive but you aren’t landing the roles you’re auditioning for? Many actors just don’t have the opportunity to gain the practical experience to book the job. Get the skills you need to empower yourself. This workshop will focus on understanding how the audition process works and what the Casting director / Director expects of you. Gain the confidence that will allow you to overcome your nerves and give you the practical experience that can help you stand out.


VOICE OVER WITH PAULA DAVIS -8 weeks (20hrs)  Cost: $360


Finding your own voice, Style, Technique, Delivery Commercials (Hard Sell- Soft Sell) Corporate Narration, Cartoons, auditions, and marketing yourself. The last class students will work in a professional recording studio. They will receive various samples of their work (THIS IS NOT A DEMO).

Voice acting is a growing industry in Montreal, why not be prepared for those opportunities.

VOICE & SPEECH 6 weeks –  15 hrs. (Max 8 students) Cost: $260

with Dialect Coach Paula Davis


Ideal for Actors, Public Speakers, Teachers and Corporate Presenters

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