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2018 Winter Schedule adults

Foundation of Acting

Foundation is an introductory acting class where actors are introduced to basic techniques and skills.  Emphasis is placed on developing an initial set of tools, including improvisational skills, inner monologue, body, and sensory awareness.  Students will work with short monologues which will encourage them to make choices, begin developing character, and to use their imaginations.  The focus of the Foundation course is to begin building a basic set of skills that will be further explored in advanced workshops.

Once a week for 7 weeks 20 hours   Limited Space (max 12)

Tuesdays Jan 16- Feb 27 @ 7-10 pm OR

 Fridays Feb 09 – Mar 23 @ 7-10 pm OR

Tuesdays Mar 06-April 17@ 7-10 pm

Tuesdays Mar 06-April 17@ 12-3 pm

Cost: $340


 Foundation 2, Techniques will become more specific as students continue to develop an initial set of acting skills and tools.  The techniques introduced in the Foundation 1 course will be applied and built upon, and increased emphasis is placed on making choices, developing character, and using the imagination.  Student will work on contemporary scenes for Film, TV or Stage, utilizing imagination, breaking down the thought process behind the lines, improving on emotions and intuition. 

 Students will also be introduced to Movement and Vocal work.  The well-trained actor is able to use his/her body and voice to communicate effectively with an audience.

8 weeks 24 hours

 Wednesdays Jan 24– Mar 07 @ 7-10 pm

Cost: 420.00

Presentation of scenes in final class



8 weeks – 20 hrs

Voice acting is a growing industry in Montreal, why not be prepared for those opportunities.

Finding your own voice, Style, Technique, Delivery Commercials (Hard Sell- Soft Sell) Corporate Narration, Cartoons, auditions, and marketing yourself.

 1 session students will work in a professional recording studio

 They will receive various samples of their work


Thursdays Jan 18- Mar 08@7-930

  Cost: $340

 Voice & Speech


with Paula Davis -Dialect


Improve your speaking voice learning to sustain energy and thought through speech, develop your ear and improve diction while working with text.

Dialect Coach for Priyanka Chopra (ABC Quantico)



Ideal for Actors, Public Speakers, Teachers and Corporate Presenters 


Duration: 6 weeks –  15 hrs (Max 8 students)

Mondays Jan 15 -Feb 19 @ 7-930

Cost: 260.00





Are you in acting shape?


get in shape with Susan Bain

 Improvisational skills through Theatre Games, Character development,

Movement and Having Fun!!!

 Thursdays Jan 25-Feb 15@ 7-9 pm

  Cost: 140.00

Comedy for Actors With Terence Bowman

Thursday Mar 01 – Mar 29th @ 7-9

Working on Camera With Josa Maule and Ioannis Koutroubis

 Wed Mar 14- Apr 11 @ 7-10

Foundation 2 With Paula Davis

Thursdays March 15- May 03 @ 7-10

Character Development – Phase 1 with Josa Maule, & company

Thursdays May 10- June 28th

Young Actors

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