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2017 Schedule FALL

  Acting for self-improvement and self- empowerment! Acting for Fun! Acting for all ages!

 Serving Montreal’s Acting community for 25 years, M.S.O.P.A offers serious training in a safe, fun, and challenging environment, developing a craft that allows you to be truthful, emotionally alive and that helps you find the courage to express your thoughts. In an industry where there are no guarantees, we educate our actors to be realistic and learn the business by providing casting and networking opportunities.

Foundation  I  

7 weeks – 20 hrs

Great for beginners or actors who have been out of commission for over a year

Foundation is an introductory acting class where actors are introduced to basic techniques and skills.  Emphasis is placed on developing an initial set of tools, including improvisational skills, inner monologue, body and sensory awareness.  Students will work with short monologues which will encourage them to make choices, begin developing character, and to use their imaginations.  The focus of the Foundation course is to begin building a basic set of skills that will be further explored in advanced workshops.


Fridays  Sept 29 – Nov 17  @ 7-10 pm   OR

Saturdays Oct 14- Nov 25  @ 3-6 pm

Cost: $340


JUST SCENES With Casting Director Josa Maule

This class is perfect for the actor who has been away from the craft for a while or the actor who wants to refine their auditioning skills.

 Actors will work intensively on various scenes with different acting partners each week.  Your ability to make active, personal choices is essential for dynamic auditions and performances.


Limited space (8 max)  

Tuesdays Oct 10 –Oct 31 @ 7-9


 Cost: 140.00


Foundation II  with Paula Davis           8 weeks – 24 hrs

Pre-Requisite Foundation 1 

Scene Study work

 Student will work on contemporary scenes for Film, TV or Stage, utilising imagination, breaking down the thought process behind the lines, improving on emotions and intuition. 


Oct 05  – Nov 23@ 7-10 pm

 Cost: $420


Voice acting is a growing industry in Montreal, why not be prepared for those opportunities.

8 weeks – 20hrs

Finding your own voice, Style, Technique, Delivery Commercials (Hard Sell- Soft Sell) Corporate Narration, Cartoons, auditions, and marketing yourself.


1 session students will work in a professional recording studio

They will receive various samples of their work


 Mondays Sept 25- Nov 20 @ 7-930 pm

Cost: $340



 A  friendly, supportive atmosphere!

Where students are encouraged to take risks and challenge themselves, developing their acting skills and confidence through improvisation, character creation, text work and lots of fun acting games and exercises!!

Students leave this workshop with an increased sense of self-esteem and confidence, as well as a growing love for the performing arts. And new friends too!!



CHILDREN (Ages 5- 11)


SUNDAYS SEPT Oct 01 – Dec 10 @ 1-3 PM

Cost: $340


TEENS (Ages 12-15) 

Saturdays Sept 23 –Dec 02 @ 12:30 -2:30 pm

Cost: $340



Have you ever wanted To perform in a Broadway show?


MSOPA is presenting a series of workshop, introducing you to basic vocal and diction techniques.  Students are required to come to class prepared to sing a song. Each class will have an accompanist to play along in order to give the proper vocal experience.  At the end of the session, the students will be exposed to proper vocal technique, diction, basic acting for singers and movement.

6 weeks-15 hrs

Tuesdays Nov 07 – Dec 12@ 7-930 pm

 Cost $265.00



6wks – 18 hours


Saturday Night Live…Barons Von sketch

Learn the skills and techniques of both improv and sketch comedy.

Wednesday Nov 01- Dec 06 @ 7-10 pm


Showcase @ TBA

 Cost: $325

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